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3 Units Ruston RK3X Diesel Generators

         These units were purchased from the Australian Defense force and were used as  Back up for a Navy Transmitting Station out side Darwin Northern Territory,  Australia. Associated Traders stripped the units out and stored them in our Workshop in Darwin until sold. They were then packed and transported via sea to Bangkok, Thailand and from there by Truck to the Cambodian border.

         Once at the site, Diesel Engineering Co. Ltd. of Bangkok, Thailand carried out the work of installing and commissioning the units. The Generators replaced the existing power supply from across the Thai border which was  inconsistent and created problems for the  Casino operations.

Preparing to move a Ruston Generator from the site

The Ruston Generators Inspected, Proteced and ready to go!

Cooling Towers Containerised for Shipping

Switch Gear and Control Panels Packed into a 20' Container packed

Casino Power Station Site in Cambodia

Placing the Ruston Generators in the new mountings

Hooking up the Pipework for the Cooling System

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