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4 x 12MW MAN-Toshiba Generators   

4 x 5.6 MW Niigata-Toshiba Generators       

Associated Traders were contracted by ODYSSEA POWER SYSTEMS to dismantle the Power plant and pack and load onto a vessel for shipment to Mexico where the units were mounted on a barge for operation in the Dominican Republic. This work was completed in 11 weeks from arrival at site to loading onto the vessel. The total volume of the plant was 3,8000 tons including 52 sea containers and the balance had to be shipped as is due to the large sizes of the equipment, the heaviest lift was 210 tonnes. 

Once the plant was dismantled it was stored at the power plant site except the engines, which were stored at the port 9 Klm from the power plant.
Once the vessel arrived to take on the cargo the equipment was delivered to the port as it was required by the loading agent, this work took 6 days to complete working 2 shifts per day of 8 hours each shift

Our main contractors for this work were; Diesel Engineering Service & Supply Pty Ltd (DESS) of Perth who supplied fitters and electrical personal.
Brambles Heavy Haulage of Perth supplied the personal and equipment for all the heavy lifts, which included 4 lifts at 210 ton each, 3 lifts at 90 tons each and many other in excess of 30 tons.

Once the plant arrived at the shipyard in Mexico we were contacted by ODYSSEA to supply fitters and electricians for the installation of the 4 units of MAN onto the barge. This work took 10 months to complete by a team of personal from DESS .

Jacking up one of the MAN Engines


Moving one of the MAN Engines


Loaded onto the Low Bed Trailer


Power Station Cooling Systems before Dismantling


On the Road to the Docks
Loading into Heavy Lift Ship


Another view of the Power Station cooling train.
Another of the MAN generators being pulled out of the building.
MAN Generator ready to go to the Port
MAN Generator arriving at the Port.
MAN Genset ready for Loading.
Using the specially prepared lifting boom for loading.



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