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Philippine Projects for Bacnotan Consolidated Industries

Davao Union Cement Corporation


5 Units Alco 2,100 KW  Generators

Two of the units were sourced from an Australian mining company (BHP). These were shipped to our workshop in Darwin from their site in Western Australia and overhauled, load tested prior to dispatch to Philippines. This was completed in only 6 weeks as the client’s needs were urgent. Once at the site (Davao) these were fast tracked and up and running in 4 weeks.


Parts for the Alco Generators packed in an open 20' Container



Parts for the Alco Generators packed in an open 20' Container


The other 4 units were from BP’s Le Salbie mine in North Canada. These were road transported to the Port in Montreal, Quebec where they were shipped on to the Philippines. Canada Allied Diesel overhauled one unit in Montreal prior to shipping.

Once the generators arrived at the site in Davao, our company were engaged to install and commission the units which took approx. 3 months. 

Davao Union Cement Corp.

Davao Union Cement Corp.
Davao Union Cement Corp.
Davao Union Cement Corp.



Hi Cement Corporation

3 Units  Alco 2100 KW Generators

These were purchased from Hatch & Kirk, Houston., Texas USA. These were ex black start units from a coal fired power plant and had very low hours of operation but had been idle for some years. Our people had to service these units prior to shipping to Manila, Philippines.

Once delivered, we were engaged to install and commission these at the Cement Plant site.

The Units loaded on trucks, ready for shipping.



Central Cement Corporation

1 Unit Alco 2100 KW Generator

This unit was supplied from an Australian Mining Company (BHP) and installed as a standby unit as back up for the Plant Operation when the mains power failed. During this time in the Philippines there were constant power problems.


Inspecting the Pistons on the Alco Genset.


Bacnotan Cement Corporation


2 Units Mirrlees KVP 16 Majour  MK2 Generators

These were purchased by tender from a government utility in Queensland, Australia and our company dismantled the units and transported them to Brisbane port for dispatch to La Union, Philippines. They were stored in Brisbane for 3 months as we had to wait for the end of the typhoon season to enable us safe unloading at their destination. Once they arrived at La Union Port they were transferred from the ship onto a barge for transport to the site. At the site we had prepared a ramp out into the bay for unloading the units which weighed 93 tonnes each.

Packed and ready to go!

2 x 4.6 Mirrlees KVP16 Majour MK II at the Port in Brisbane.
Covered & waiting for ship to La Union, Philippines.

Moving the generators onto the New Pad.


Unloading from the Barge next to the Site.


Unloading from the Ship to the Barge


Another view of the Mirrlees Generators being unloaded.


A heavy lift company “AALTAFIL”, from Manila were contracted to carry out this operation of unloading all of the plant from the vessel to the site. We had previously prepared  foundations for the engines and they were unloaded direct from the low-bed trailers onto the foundations, the remainder of the installation and commissioning then took place. New alternators were purchased from Brush Electrical in UK as the units were 50 hz operation in Australia and Philippines operates at 60 hz.   

The Mirrlees up and running.

                                  Completed insulation linked in parallel with Meralco Grid.

Solid Cement Corporation

Supply spare parts for existing Mirrlees generator;  2 x crank shafts, pistons, conrods, and cylinder liners.
Supply of various spare parts for 150 ton per hour Parker rock crusher.


Philippine Paving Corporation

Supply ex Japan; 5 units 35 ton Caterpillar 769 B dump trucks
1 unit Caterpillar D 8 L dozer ; 2 units caterpillar 988B front end loaders;
1 unit Payloader front end loader;

Supply ex Australia; 1 unit 30 ton Hitachi excavator; 1 unit Caterpillar 950 front end loader; 2 units 30ton articulated dump trucks; 1 unit Tamroc drill; 
2 units Caterpillar 988B front end loader; 1 unit 8V 71 Detroit engine;

Supply from USA; 1unit screening plant; 1 unit 200 ton/ hour crushing plant; feeder for crusher;

Cat 988 ready for loading.


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