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Bacnotan Consolidated Industries, Inc. 


Click Here for PhotographsDavao Union Cement Corp., Davao city , Mindanao , Southern, Philippines 
Supply of  5 units Alco Gensets @ 2,100 KW, 4160 volts, 60 hz operating on diesel fuel oil and radiator cooled.

Click Here for PhotographsHi Cement Corp., Norzaray, Bulacan, Philippines
3 Units Alco Gensets 2100 KW, 4160 volts, 60 hz, operating on diesel fuel oil, radiator cooled.

1993 :

Click Here for PhotographsCentral Cement Corp., San Ildefonso, Bulacan, Philippines.
1 unit Alco 2100 KW, 4160 volts, 60 hz, operating on diesel fuel oil, and radiator cooled.
This unit was supplied from Australia mining company (BHP) This was a standby unit to back up the plant when the mains power failed.


1994 1995

Click Here for PhotographsBacnotan Cement Corp., Bacnotan, La Union, Philippines
 2 units Mirrlees KV16 Majour  MK2 gensets 4500 KW, 4160 volts, 60hz,  operating on diesel fuel oil and indirect cooling through heat exchangers.



Click Here for PhotographsSolid Cement Corp., Antipolo, Manila, Philippines

Supply spare parts for existing Mirrlees generator;  2 x crank shafts, pistons, con-rods, and cylinder liners.

 Supply of various spare parts for 150 ton per hour Parker rock crusher.

 Click Here for PhotographsPhilippine Paving Corporation

Supply ex Japan;  5 units 35 ton Caterpillar 769 B dump trucks






Click Here for PhotographsHOPEWELL HOLDINGS Ltd. Manila, Philippines

1 Unit Alco 2,500 KW genset containerized 4160 volts, 60 hz, operating on diesel fuel oil radiator cooled.

This unit we purchased from a subsidiary of CSR Australia ( PG&H Brisbane)  serviced and load tested prior to delivery to Brisbane Port for dispatch to Pagbilao Island in Philippines where it was to be used to supply site power for the construction of a 700 MW coal fired Power Plant .

Once at site our engineers were engaged to install the unit and commission it, this only took 4 weeks once delivered to site



DIESEL ENGINE SALES & SERVICE Pty. Ltd. of Perth, Western Australia.




Supply 2 units Allen Diesel Generators ex Power and Water Authority (PAWA) of the Northern Territory Australia.

Dismantle one unit for spare parts and freight to Perth and remove the second unit and store in our workshop Darwin for sale at a later date.




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Supply of  72 MW diesel fuel power plant consisting of 4 units MAN 52/55A engines at 12MW each and 4 units Niigata 40X 16V fitted with Toshiba alternators.

 The units were purchased from Western Power Corp. 
Associated Traders (NT) Pty Ltd represented Western Power Corp. in the sale of this power plant and negotiated the transaction with the buyer ODYSSEA POWER SYSTEMS.
These units operated at 50 hz and to change these we contracted Brush Electrical of UK to supply 4 new 12 MW alternators at 60 HZ 13800 volts at 450 rpm.



 Supply 1 Unit of MAN 52/ 55A , 11MW , 400 rpm  @  60 HZ. This unit was sold for spare parts and dismantled at site and the crankshaft airlifted to Houston Texas where it was cleaned and polished prior to sending to the Power Barge in the Dominican Republic as a replacement for a damaged unit. This unit was sourced from a Taiwan Power Utility Company in Koashung in Southern Taiwan







Supply 3 units Ruston RK3X Diesel Generators, skid mounted with radiator cooling. 750 rpm, 11,000 Volts, 50 HZ.

The units are installed as a base load Power Plant to Power a Casino/Hotel Resort on the Thai-Cambodian Border.  



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P. G & E USA




Sale of one GE Frame 5 gas turbine rated at 24 MW output @ ISO conditions, which Associated Traders had purchased by tender from Western Power Corporation of Western Australia. 

The Gas Turbines were stripped out, packed and shipped to Pacific Gas and Electrics facility in Houston, Texas. 



1999 Supply one Ruston APC 600 kw genset ex Mount Newman Mining Co. (BHP) in Western Australia

Supply 2 unit Lister Blackstone ESL gensets, skid mounted 1MW each @1000rpm @50hz. These were purchased from a mining Company in Norseman, Western Australia, the units were stripped out and shipped to Thailand.


2000 Supply 1 unit Allen 1.2 MW diesel Generator , skid mounted, 11KV, 50 HZ, With all accessories & switch gear.

The unit is installed in a Shrimp Processing Plant in the outskirts on Bangkok.


2001 Supply Caterpillar 3412 Genset 500 kw @ 50 hz.


2002 Click Here for Photographs Supply 2 Units English Electric 8  CSV Diesel Gensets; ex RAAF, Darwin, Australia. Used as standby power source for the Air Force Base in Darwin.   

These were skid mounted  800 KW , 11,000 volts, 50 HZ @ 750 rpm.

Due to the standby operation they had run less than 5,000 hours from new.

One unit is installed at Phi Phi Cabana Island Resort in Thailand and running as base load power, this installation was carried out by Diesel Engineering Co. Ltd of Thailand

The other unit is installed in a linen Factory in Bangkok.


2004 - 2005












Click Here for PhotographsHFO 23 Pielstick PC92.5L x 3 units @ 4 MW each were: Dismantled, Overhauled & shipped to COLBEN SYSTEMS LTD of Singapore to Cambodia for power projects in Cambodia that they own and operate until today.

Click Here for PhotographsSold to FOSTERS TURBINES FRAME 6 GAS TURBINE EX. Brisbane Australia

* GE Frame 6, Ms 6001 B built by ALSTOM France under GE Licence
- Model PG6461B
- Commissioned December 1987
* Dual Fuel (Natural Gas/Diesel Oil)
* ISO Output 37MW gas, 36.5MW diesel oil
Sold to Fosters Turbines from USA for delivery to IRAQ


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 E-Power Management & Brokers Pte Ltd contracted to:
Build Own Operate 3.4 MW power plant in LAOS for Phu BIa Mining on a gold mine.
These units were sourced from Australia and refurbished in Bangkok Thailand prior to sending to LAO, P.D.R.
The plant operated until 2008 when was replace by the incoming power sourced from local HYDRO grid.
It Consisted of 4 units English Electric & Ruston generating sets.


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