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All transformer are
subjected to the following routine tests as
specified by the international Standards including

The Routine tests are
* Ratio test
* Polarity and Phase Relation ( Vector Group ) Test
* Resistance Measurement of all Winding
* No Load Loss and No Load Current Test
* Impedance Voltage and Load Loss Test
* Low Frequency Dielectric Test Consisting of an Applied Potential Test
* and Induced Potential Test
* Oil Leak Test
* Oil Dielectric Strength Test


In addition to the routine tests
the following optional tests can
be performed at extra cost.

The type tests are
* Impulse Voltage Withstand Test
* Audible Sound Level Test
* Temperature Rise Test

Quality Assuance

A quality system is bassed on the international ISO 9000
standards in order to quarantee the supply of a safe and reliable
product which meets the requirements as specified by the customer.
The quality system applies to all departments.

The plant inspection program is bassed on
the "auto control system" which means that
approved qualified workers check their own work
and must sigh the relevant inspection
documents themselves.

There are several strategic
points during the manufacturing
where a Q.A. inspector must sign off
the inspection documents
before the product can proceed to
the next manufacturing area.

Auditing of quality ducuments
takes place on a continuous basis and
immediate corrective action
is taken where necessary.

Annual internal and external
audits will guarantee full conformity
to the ISO 9000 standards.