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Company Profile


 ASSOCIATED TRADERS (N.T.) P/L was formed in 1988 to trade in Power Generation, Industrial & Mining Plant & Equipment, concentrating on good used Plant for mainly the Asian market. As we were soon to discover not all our supply could be sourced here in Australia so it was by early 1990's we were buying Plant as far away as North America, United Kingdom, Europe, Japan and Taiwan.

   With the economic growth of South East Asia in the early 1990s we were busy supplying; stripping out; overhauling & re-installing Power Plants in Asia.

   Our biggest market at that time was the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand, then in the late 1990s we had sales to USA, Central America and UK buyers.

   We have worked from as far a field as Val de Or in Quebec, Canada in temperatures @ -20 C to the Pilbara region of Western Australia with maximum temperature above 44 C so we are used to various climates as well as isolated sites and the logistic problems that these remote sites incur.

Company Profile

   Our Company has proven experience in safely handling heavy power plant (MAN 52/55A) engines with a total weight of 205 tonnes. 

   In the Philippines, we have had to barge 95-ton Mirrlees diesel engines from the ship to the beach to gain access to our sites & shore up bridges over rivers to allow safe access of heavy loads to our sites.      

Company Profile

   Associated Traders offers services from marketing Power Plant and Generation Equipment to following through with sale agreements and settlements, to contracting the strip out of Power Plants  with clients to deliver the Equipment, or through to a total Turn key project. Our company can supply a team of experienced engineers and associated personnel who specialize in Powerhouse Operation and Maintenance.

       Our aim is to make sure that the Used Power Plant that we supply will be the best option available for the requirements of our Clients.

Singapore Office.

E-Power Management & Brokers Pte. Ltd. ( 100% Owned by Associated Traders (NT) Pty Ltd).

Contact Details: Mr Barry Eadie

Phone + 66 8 98822712


Thailand Representative.

Barry Eadie

5/37 Na Jomtien

Soi 8, Sattahip, Chonburi

20250 Thailand


Phone: + 66 8 98822712


Greg Caulfield

Phone +66 819544565









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